How We Do It

How we blend thinking and technology

Getting Started

Our customers generally fall into one of two camps; technical buyers that need additional help or consultancy with their projects and business buyers who don't focus so much on the technology specifically but more the solution they wish to develop to satisfy their business requirements.

Once established, this will guide our entire process, for technical buyers we can very quickly demonstrate whether we have the requisite experience and resources to help, but for the more business focused buyer there is a more in depth exploration of the requirements and whether we can help.

Fact Finding, target setting

Before a line of code is written, it's crucial that we first understand the aims of this project. Once these aims are clear we can devise ways to measure any solution we create; this is extremly important to us - we want to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work so that each iteration feeds into the next.

An important, fundamental cornerstone of creating anything in the digital space is that we have numerous tools to measure and understand how users interact with our creations which means we can improve them over time. In many ways whether it's a website, a piece of software or a mobile app, they are very rarely finished in the traditional sense, as we are constantly improving them based upon the key performance indicators we establish at the beggining

Design / UX

Now that we understand what needs to be built we can begin the design and user experience process. Whilst we have huge experience in designing websites, software and mobile apps, sometimes this will involve prototyping ideas with groups of users. It's important not to make assumptions at this stage so testing our ideas confirms (or otherwise) our initial thoughts and ideas.

Occasionally at this stage we make interesting discoveries, what we thought would be best delivered in the form of an app, for example, actually makes more sense as a website. Our approach and methodology allows for this flexibility


At this stage we will use our vast development and production experience to inform our technical decisions. When working with technical buyers, this will be driven by the technology stack they wish to use, and when we're dealing with more business focused clients we qualify the technical choices based upon the work that has gone on before including which platforms we're targeting, the type of solution we're building and numerous other factors.

Testing and Deployment

Once this iteration is complete, we internally test it for bugs and functionality. We run it against the initial goals and targets of the project - this is a collaborative effort between us and our clients. We don't believe in developing in the dark, where we go off and develop something and show you at the end. We will share bits of functionality as they are ready so that they can be reviewed and improved as we go.

And Repeat..

As we alluded to at the start, it's very rare that projects are ever truly finished in the normal sense. We believe in becoming partners with our clients over a long period of time and we continue to support, fix and improve our solutions well after the initial release.