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The Problem

Outsourcing creates a skill gap

Businesses often outsource their software development because they want to benefit from the immediate uptick in capability this brings. And with good reason. It's hard to build a development team from scratch. But what happens 6 months down the line? The team that builds your software either disappears or you're tied into lengthy maintenance contracts.

You have a new piece of software but, as an organisation, your ability to deliver the software that supports your business is no better.

How we work

We help our clients transition from outsource to insource, our goal is that you stop needing many businesses can say that?

At the start of the project you'll benefit from the same advantage of outsourcing; a ready-made, highly skilled team that's going to deliver from day one and get the project off to the best start.

The difference to the regular outsource model is that, generally, our developers and designers work onsite with our clients. This key differentiator sets the whole process off on the right foot allowing us to move through the stages of transition into your own team.

We'll build a team to start the project right, putting in processes and defining ways of working to get things running as smoothly as possible.

Once we're up and running it's time to start the transition process. The way this works will depend on whether you have an existing team or not.

If you have a team in place they'll already have been collaborating alongside ours learning how things happen from the start.

In the case that you don't have an existing team, we'll help you recruit the right staff with the right skillset. We'll write job specs, triage CVs and help you interview to find the right candidates.

As your new team members come on board we'll be bringing them up to speed, training them to build software the right way.

The final part of our journey together, we begin to handover the control of the project to your internal team.

Where we've run standups and sprint planning, they start to. Where we've reviewed their code they start to review each others.

This stage can take time, but we help you every step of the way. We'll be measuring how well everyone's doing and identifying areas of re-training that might be required.

Once we finally leave, it's not the end of our relationship. We're always there ready, if you need us, to support you.

We recommend yearly refreshers to just check everything's still on track, but that's up to you.

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