E-commerce business owners are forever trying to optimise and maximise opportunities to make their businesses more profitable and increase the return on investment of marketing and development.  It's harder and harder to know where to spend money.

You've got a tuned SEO and PPC campaign, you've improved your checkout flow to the point that drop off is minimised, you've developed features like being able to ressurect stale carts and so on.  So where do you turn now?

Some E-commerce businesses have turned to building an app.  And why not?  It's always on the user's device, it works offline and you can send notifications.  However, there is a huge undertaking when building an app, you're essentially rebuilding all of the functionality you've already built for your website, potentially for each platform you want to support such as Android and iOS.

A better solution that, through new technical innovation is now widley available, is the implentation of a Progressive Web App or PWA.  This is essentially an extension to your existing website; in most cases you won't need to completeley redevelop it, which means it will:

  • Run offline - meaning users can browse your products with no phone signal, even add items to cart and simply checkout when they have signal
  • Load instantly - just like an app, your website will load instantaniously removing the risk of losing a user due to slow connection.  This also has a huge SEO benefit as Google now ranks faster websites considerably higher
  • Update in the background - launched a new line of products?  Don't wait for users to re-visit your website, as soon as your products change, the data will update on the user's device
  • Send Push Notifications - just like a native app, we can now send push notifications to a user's device if they've visited your website and confirmed they're happy to receive them.

This all has a huge impact on your conversion rates and your SEO ranking.  You get all the benefits of a native app with the considerably larger reach of a website.  Get in touch today to speak to one of our business experts.

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