Call centre app redevelopment

The problem

Not just a technical challenge, but also one of hearts and minds. The call centre software at Sky had been in place for a number of years and resistence to change was extremely high. Here the point of view of the business who wanted to upgrade to a web-based solution that would run anywhere and on any device needed to be married to the desires of the call centre workers that knew the idiosyncrasies of their current software and felt comfortable.

The Solution

Our highly skilled engineers worked with the team at Sky to reimagine the current call centre software. Taking what was good and throwing away what made lives harder a whole new solution was developed that reduced the average call time by an incredible 86%.

The Technical Bit

This was an entirely javascript solution both front-end and back-end. A responsive front-end built using BackboneJS with a back-end written in NodeJS. The transport between the two layers was done in real time using Web Sockets to provide an extremely fast and responsive experience.